Inspiring & supporting
educational journeys

We are an experienced team of educators, business and community activists who support and encourage the development of potential. We work with students, parents and schools in the communities of Southill, Ballinacurra Weston, St Marys Park and Moyross.

We’re here to help

We help individual students to realise their potential, using the education system with our support and encouragement. We start early with childhood education and in the primary school years in their community setting, working with students and families. We encourage links with all the mainstream initiatives available to support their educational journey through primary school, second level and through to college graduation. Engage creates a personal and family support pathway to success. We say to parents engage with the educational system in the knowledge that a locally based support structure is here to help.

Early Childhood Learning and Primary Level

Laying the foundation

Our journey begins with an early childhood learning programme and continues in primary school, we encourage students to realise that education opens up opportunities for a better life.

  • Inspiring the next generation: We arrange for Engage students, who are now in college, to return to their former primary schools to help inspire young students to engage with learning and think about career opportunities that education offers.
  • Rewarding engagement: We recognise and celebrate students who are making a genuine effort, class teachers identify these students who are then recognised and rewarded.
  • Engaging parents: Parents are invited to attend award ceremonies with their children held in third level colleges, meet undergraduates and learn about third-level options for their children and learn about sources of financial support that make college a possibility for low income families.
  • Encouraging reading: We arrange for primary school students to visit book shops and libraries for dramatic book readings. We also introduce fun reading projects where appropriate.
  • Connecting families: Through our events the whole family has the opportunity to meet and connect with other aspiring families, and to engage with and support others in their educational journey.
  • Third Level Links: Links with third level colleges are established, student and parent participation in college events encouraged.
  • Inspiring Programmes: Stimulating programmes that open young minds to new ideas and learning are encouraged such as Lego Technico, Coder Dojo, Mindset Programmes etc.

Secondary Level

Inspiring & supporting educational achievement

As the intensity of study demands increase we encourage students to develop disciplined study habits and career goals that make their effort a worthwhile contribution to their future success.

  • Awards: Guidance counsellors and class teachers identify students making a serious effort and student achievements are celebrated.
  • Celebration: Family celebration is arranged in third level colleges where parents are presented with opportunities to discuss the issues relating to college attendance.
  • Role Models: Engage undergraduates visit schools to discuss their personal college adventure and future career plans. No visit is complete without emphasizing the importance of regular study and career goal setting.
  • Study facilities: Students are encouraged to attend quality study facilities. The role that third level college outreach programmes can play is emphasized.
  • Third Level initiatives: Parents and students are encouraged to attend college careers programmes and all other initiatives by colleges.
  • Tuition Grants: Career guidance counsellors identify students who would benefit from extra advanced subject tuition and support is provided.
  • Language Scholarships: Irish and European language course scholarships are provided to a range of students based on merit.

Third Level

Supporting the Adventure

We encourage Engage students to participate fully in college life turning it into a rich wide experience. At the same time we focus their attention on their continuing personal development needs, future career options as well as academic success.

  • Participation Grants: Awarded to all students three times each year based on college attendance, participation in our Engage events, networking evenings and availability for school visits.
  • Developmental Programmes: Short seminars on: Personal Development, Financial Management, Career & Life planning
  • Networking: Students come together to bond and support each other’s unique life journey. Interaction is encouraged through our Facebook Page and our Engage in Education Office.
  • Individual Support: Students with specific needs are advised in confidence of available supports and encouraged to access them at an early stage.